MiLight Plugin - 5% Lowest Setting

Hello, I have a MiLight System installed: Controller / 2x RGBW Outside Lights. It’s worked great for about 1.5 yrs now - except for one item: I’m not able to turn the power setting below 5% on my Vera Interface. I’ve got them controlled by a scene, and scheduled to turn on then off after 4hrs. Sometimes the lights do turn off all the way [when the scene is set to “off” and 5%], but other times they are still on at 5%.

I use HomeWave and am able to “dial down” the light setting on this APP from 5% to 0%. Don’t have a clue why I can’t do it on VERA??

I’m using MiLight RGBW App: 5846 Version 1.3 It uses this JSON: D_MiLightRGBW.json Controller F/W: V1.0.04a-JCY-1

I was hoping someone had a fix for this? I’ve attached some images: Screen Shot of my Scene; and Shot of the MiLight Controller.

Thanks! Shannon

Here is a screen shot of my Scene [the part where I want the lights to turn off after 3.75 hrs]. There is no way for me to select anything lower than 5%:

There is a typo in the json files… These should fix it…

Cybrmage: Thanks, was able to upload the two JSON files. I noticed it immediately fixed the 5% on the “Control” page; but It still showed a minimum of 5% on the Scene Settings page. I’ve rebooted the controller and am plan to simply create a new scene and ‘hope’ I can choose 0% on the setting [through the scene]. Will report back - - Thanks, Shannon

Update: it worked! Now can choose 0% on the scene settings - - thanks!

FANTASTIC! Same problem had me baffled. Now I only have to figure out how to upload those files.