Microbot Push with VeraPlus (Bluetooth LE)

Has anybody had any luck connecting the Microbot Push [url=https://smile.amazon.com/MicroBot-Push-Wireless-Automation-Platinum/dp/B01FQN2T2W]https://smile.amazon.com/MicroBot-Push-Wireless-Automation-Platinum/dp/B01FQN2T2W[/url] (bluetooth LE) to VeraPlus?
I know that Microbot Push tries to get you to buy an other hub to interface the bluetooth LE over WiFi but even that doesn’t appear to be supported by Vera’s plugins.

I’m tempted to buy a VeraPlus and upgrade from my Vera3, but only really so that I can get this Microbot Push working in my existing Vera setup. I can’t think of any other reasons to upgrade from Vera3 to VeraPlus. I’ve seen plenty of discussion about BT devices not working so was wondering if anyone had any experience?