micaverde website does not work well with Safari

The main www.micaverde.com website does now work well with Safari. Using Safari 5.0.2, the pop down menus item move to the point where you can not select them.

This right here is a microcosm of the entire Micasaverde/Vera experience as a whole. Great intentions, but…

Works poorly with Safari, and only slightly less poorly with Firefox. Ugh.

I think maybe they write code to a different standard than what is used by the masses. I don’t understand it.

I think maybe they write code to a different standard than what is used by the masses. I don’t understand it.[/quote]

(here I go again, smirk) I think Apple and Safari is to blame for this one. Browsers should be able to display common content, Safari doesn’t. My Safari 5.0.1 loads everything but the center image, which is 80% of the content, but the drop-down menus work just as they do in every other browser. Safari is a mem hog and it doesn’t do well on the open web, things don’t display correctly or at all or it crashes at the site of certain plug-ins. Ditch Safari and you’ll be happier overall at MCV.com and the rest of the entire internet.

I don’t use Safari, but I was curious, so I fired it up and took a look at how it rendered the menus. Picture is attached.

It must be a difference between 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 or what ever version you were using.

Just so you know what I am seeing in 5.0.1, it looks correct: (picture attached)

It’s Ok is Safari 5.0.2 as well.

My screen capture is Safari 5.0.2 (6533.18.5) for Mac OS X 10.6.4. Is 7533.18.5 a Windows build? Google thinks so.

I note that it isn’t every single drop-down, and it depends what page you’re on. This was the Products menu from the main page, the same one that @mcvovidiu captured.

Yes, it’s a windows build.

FWIW and in MCVs defense - browser compatibility is a royal PIA. Having worked this - it takes a lot of resources both during design and ongoing to ensure and maintain compatibility across all dominant browsers. Yes, there are excellent testing suites to assist and yes, we all expect everything to just work - but it’s time and effort (and therefore money).

Rather than flog them, it would be far more helpful to simply identify your platform, browser and version along with a screenshot of the problem. I’m just saying…