Micasaverde Vera Bug Management - http://bugs.micasaverde.com

The more i delve into the world of Micasverde Vera, the more i stumble accross a bug that has been reported, and needs to be addressed.


For example I’ve just tried to add a uPnP device (Netgear Router) via the UI (Device → Add Devices → uPnP Devices) and I received 3 blank devices (each one with a different device_type) . A quick search on the forum pointed me to this bug (http://bugs.micasaverde.com/view.php?id=1473) which seems to have been open for over 18 months? Another one that springs to mind is for Z-wave temp sensors to report down to 0.1 etc., etc.

I’m curious is there any chance that this forum (collectively) could help prioritise/vote on a bug or two to be worked on each month, ones that perhaps help satisfy the enduser experience a bit more (rather than perhaps the architects) ? I do obviously appreciate priorities are needed for a reason…

Ohhh, don’t even go there, you will end up like this: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10469.0.html You have to work around bugs yourself, micasaverde ain’t helping you. If you want to change that, bether get rid of your vera or you’ll get mad!

If you have a look at the resolved bugs (http://bugs.mios.com/view_all_bug_page.php?filter=11639) you will soon realize that micasaverde is only resolving about one bug per month, and preferably the simple ones.

You really don’t give a sh*t about us, do you micasaverde!!!