Method to send raw text message?

Hi, I’m using a YAC (Yet Another Caller-ID program) clone called WhoIsIt to show caller ID on my HTPC, and figured out that I can send raw text messages to it to display other information.

So using the Vera plugin for EventGhost to receive events from Vera, such as “Vera.Garage.Garage Door Sensor.ARMED.TRIPPED”, I can send a message to be displayed. Currently I use a program called NCAT in a batch file that EG runs to display the message. Basically it just sends text directly to the receiving port. An example:

echo Garage Door OPEN | ncat --send-only 10629

However, sometimes the Vera Plugin will stop receiving events, requiring a restart of EG. Plus there are a lot of “Vera.NewData” messages received by EG that are basically meaningless but fill up the log.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that I could get Vera to just send a short text message directly to the display program instead of using EG?

You can use the Vera Alerts plugin.

The Vera Alerts LAN profile sends messages to the specified IP address and PORT.

Thanks, Richard, I’ll give that a shot.


I have sort of figured this out, but I have one question. I’m trying to send a message when my garage door opens, and when it closes.

The Vera web admin lets me set a notification if a sensor is tripped, or if an armed sensor is tripped, and I can use Vera Alerts with that.

But it doesn’t give me the option to send a message when the sensor goes back to the armed (untripped) state such as when the door closes. I actually see this event in EventGhost using the Vera plugin, but this is what I’m trying to get away from.

I’m sure this is easy but I can’t figure out how can I set up the door closed message in Vera/Vera Alerts.

When you create the notification for the sensor it defaults to tripped status. But it allows you to change it to untripped before you save it.

I never noticed that option before, thanks!