Merging dataMine channels?

Here’s my problem: I seem to be changing my sensor technology nearly as often as my socks…

…what this means is that I have a few months of, say, ‘indoor temperature’ from an Everspring, then perhaps a 1-wire sensor, then a few from an Aotec multi-sensor, now morphing to using a Netatmo. So I have a recording channel that lasts for a few months, but then need to jump to another one to plot the new few months.

Of course, I can create a plot with all these channels on them, but what I really want to do is somehow designate a time period from each which is my ‘definitive’ indoor temperature channel. I want it to be device agnostic.

Short of writing a new device (which I am considering) which mirrors my choice of ‘current’ sensor (sensor-du-jour?) then is there a different way of thinking about this problem and being able to make a pseudo-channel which is made up of segments of others?

OK, perhaps a bizarre wish, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

You should be able to just copy the weekly record files of the old sensors into the subdirectory of the “latest” sensor.