Memory USB issue

On the Vera lite we have one usb connection
At the moment i have one USB fitter for the datamine plug

Can i increase the number of usb connection to 4 by using an powered usb hub
Than i want to use one usb for the datamine plug, one usb for the usb logging (to reduce the memoryload of the veralite) and one usb connector for the dutchpowermeterplug in

So the question is how to set it up

And can i get acces to the USB to get data out of it
As example i am recording in a file the power meter reading every day at midnight, so i want to get acces to the file

Please advice



Yes you can = I’m using a powered hub (a Belkin 5 port) with my Veralite and I was using USB and DataMine logging, however I should warn you Vera can get confused about the USB set up and could choose to wipe all of your DataMine data to use for USB logging.

I lost a couple of months worth of good data when Vera did that to mine. (others have too, but I’m sure others have been unaffected)

I’m actually now writing my DataMine data to an external share on my NAS (tutorial on the dataMine child board) and so far this is working well and should be safe from Vera :slight_smile:

I also have my EnviR Energy Monior plugged into that hub too, along with the RFXtrx433 transceiver and will most likely add the Texas Instruments Chronos Watch transceiver too at some point.


I have the same experience as parkerc. A usb hub works with no problems. Using 2 usb sticks with datamine gave me trouble too. The only way to get datamine trouble free was the Nas-way.

@parkerc and @mfp

I would like to use something powerless. An NAS is running 24/7 and will consume power.

Or is it possible to do the logging and datamine on the same USB?


Theoretically yes (but never tried it). - but be careful USB logging is under the control of Vera, so it will have control over that key should it want to do anything to it e.g. reformat it etc.

I have lost so much dataMine data over the years, either due to dataMine deciding the key was not worthy after months of being ok, or the way Vera handles USB storage when you switch on USB logging.

Some modem/routers have USB storage capabilities, depending on your local set up you may have something available to you that is already on.

My NAS uses 20W so not a major overhead, but more a necessity than anything after my previous storage experiences, plus it opens me up to using it for other things too with Vera.

[quote=“huib, post:4, topic:178806”]@parkerc and @mfp

I would like to use something powerless. An NAS is running 24/7 and will consume power.

Or is it possible to do the logging and datamine on the same USB?


Yes, the instructions are in a PDF attached to the DM help page. I just finally got it working last night, so I can’t speak to long term reliability.

how can i see that a usb is mounted?

on the UI (setup/log) it does not show

pls advice

For both USB logging and DataMine they actually tell you. When you run dataMine it will prompt you for the USB ID details if one is not found? Have you actually turned on USB logging for Vera LuaUPnP yet? That might take a little time, but details should be visible via the UI like you suggest ??

At the command line - you can do do df -h to see what has been mounted for Vera to use .

If you are looking for how Linux is seeing the USB set up I think it is DMESG | grep tty to see any serial devices you have attached (e.g energy monitor)

DMESG | grep sda shows my memory stick for USB logging.

PS - I’m still getting to know linux so there may be other (much better ways) :wink: