Memory of the Vera Lite

Today I obviously reached the memory capacity as I suddenly couldn’t save any settings.
As always it’s difficult to find that out with the manual from the Vera. ;D

How can I find out how much space I have still free?
How much space should I have free?
Do additional devices from plugins add up in space?
How can I remove installed files (luup) from the memory?
(they weren’t removed by uninstalling different apps but are listed in the app development part)
To MCV: Why only 64 MB this is 2014?? :o

You can install event watcher… but in your case, I guess that would be a bad idea if you are already out of memory ???
You can SSH and run the linux commands to give you info on the state of your vera.

You can SSH or winscp into your vera and delete unused plugins that are left behind (search the forum for where they are)
I just did this also… just because of my OCD … i wanted them gone.

From my reading … yes, additional devices from plugins do take up more memory… Virtual switch being one of the big ones… as well others.

It seems Vera can reach a point where it’s unable to save changes, I had this too and in the end I needed MCV support to access it (to I assume delete certain files) so I could save changes again.

Going in via SSH and running the free mem command will give you an idea of what you’ve got free.

I’ve found that Vera has the most amount of free mem directly after Luup a restart, (which may be an obvious statement for some) after which it’s a back and fourth battle (loss and gain ) , so check the memory level at intervals to gauge your particular average.

How many individual devices and scenes do you have?
Each one of those boxes consumes mem,

@RTS I think did once share an idea of what he felt each device type/scene used.

I share your feelings about 64Mb in 2014 :wink:

My Vera Lite continues to work ok with about 5-6 Mb left (but I choose to take something off before adding anything new)