McoHome Co2 sensor MH9

I just bought the new Co2 sensor from MCOHOME, I can include it in the vera, (UI7), but then I don’t have any info on the CO2, temperature and humidity in the vera.

Is there a way to set it up correctly?
I thought that standard zwave devices were able to discuss together and have at least basic information.

From my point of view, it’s a very important sensor to have in the house to monitor air quality.

Vera team, is there a plan to make it work ?


Hello, I have the same problem. My config is: VERA EDGE, UI7, 1.7.2139. I bought MH9-CO2-WD. I see 4 devices after inclusion:

  1. “Temperature Sensor” (works fine),
  2. “Humidity Sensor” (works fine),
  3. “Generic IO”,
  4. “_GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor)”.
    There is no information about CO2 level. I bought this device exclusively for the measurement of CO2 - to control air vent.

somebody of skilled people can help with a way to get CO2 level from sensor? (may be temporary, before the release of official support)

Did you manage to solve this issue?

Has support for this device been added by now?

So I just bought one, as I wanted to know the CO2 level in the living room. After inclusion I got 4 devices out of it: temperature, humidity, and 2x _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor). One of the latter sensors actually shows the CO2 level, the other once showed a 1 which I assumed was the VOC level, but now it shows nothing. 3 out of 4, with the 3 most important ones working.