[MASSIVE BUG] v5.5 Actions Triggering WHEN in BYPASS

This is VERY frustrating…

Not only are the Notifications triggering but SO ARE ACTIONS!

My siren and lighting is coming on when it should not… this cannot happen. Bypass means Bypass, no!?

I find this hard to believe … There are so many people that can’t figure out why things are not working because they have bypass on.

Are you sue that this is only set in one place ?
Are you turning arm/bypass on from some where ?
Are you turning arm/bypass inside the PLEG.

Do you have a debug log file and status report that shows this?

Believe me, I wish this had not triggered 3 days (mornings) in a row, and a few times in the afternoon - I will be removing the siren from it.

how it the PLEGs interact & work…

Security Scenes

  • manages all security settings, based on another PLEG that only sets/tracks Occupancy
  • when in SLEEP mode, it will ARM the PLEG below

Security Alerts - Sleep

  • this will turn on indoor/outdoor lights and siren when it sees motion.

reports attached

Disable your conditions that are arming/bypassing the security PLEG.
When you get the bugs out of your Home/Away logic you can re-enable them.

You probably are having false positives causing the triggers. Replace these with Notifications until you are sure they are working properly.