Manuall Restore but devices names config gone

So i did a manual restore but the device config seems to not come with the restore

It certainly should but that indicates that Vera is trying to send data to the device. Unless your backup was taken in this state, I can’t quite see how this can happen.

(Oh and I don’t think ‘Name’ is part of the config stored on the device. I think you’ve hit something other in the Vera FW which is creating ghosts)


since i updated i cant add or remove devices

This shouldn’t happen. I have restored my backup and Z-Wave network backup lots of times and the devices always came back with their proper names.

Maybe try another restore again or reset the unit to factory and restore again.

how do we create a local backup ?

In the web GUI go to Settings - Backup. Then press the Create Backup button. Press the Backup Z-Wave network button first, wait a bit, you may see a blue banner at the top showing the backup progress. Then click the Create Backup button this will download a file to your PC.

When you did the restore did you tick the box to restore the Z-Wave network ?