Manual On/Off of scheduled actions

Just starting to dive into the possibilities that have opened up because of PLEG (thanks again Richard for sorting out my earlier issue of not being able to save stuff).

Wondering if anybody’s had a similar use case, and if I’m heading in the right direction here as far as implementation.

I wanted to create a scheduled action - say raise blinds every weekday at 7am (or set an alarm every weekday at a certain time). I can do this easily. However, there are cases when I don’t want this action to be performed, like during public holidays or when I’m travelling. What’s the easiest way to turn this scheduled action off, without having to go into PLEG? I was planning to put in a dashboard page in Imperihome with just toggles to easily turn on/off whatever scheduled actions I have.

My first thought was to just use a virtual switch and set the state of that as one of the conditions for the action? Then I can just point to the switch in Imperihome. This is fine, but seeing that I’m using the Multiswitch addon, which only has 8 switches (and I’ve used 3 of them to create a rudimentary alarm/notification system that may not be the most efficient), I might run out of virtual switches to use in the future, so wanted to check if there’s another way to do this that I may be missing.

I think the modes Home-Away-Night-Vacation are exactly meant for that purpose.

Hi –

Have you thought about using google calendar and the Event2GCal plugin. That way you can specify an entry on the calendar and run different scenes based on that entry.