Making imperihome jump back to default page after x time?

I currently have Imperihome on a 12" tablet on the wall with the 4x5 grids and many pages to slide back and forth. I’m looking to take a new approach and separate the rooms and having a single main page to jump directly to the associated room but would like it to go back to the main page after x amount of time of no activity. Is that possible now?

Same exact question i have.


Are you familiar with Tasker? This can probably be accomplished using Tasker and Imperihome’s API. Using Tasker, you would have detect no input for X time and then make an API call to imperihome to go to the main dashboard page. A quick google search found this regarding detecting no input for X time with Tasker

I kinda do this with Imperihome and tasker. I have several camera’s around the house and when one of them is triggered with motion I have Imperihome pop to a full screen view of that camera. Then after 20 seconds revert back to my main screen.

I do too. I have a motion sensor in the same room as the tablet, when motion is detected the tablet turns on and goes to main dashboard page of imperihome, when motion sensor times out the tablet refreshes back to main dashboard page, and after 10 mins of no motion the tablet turns off.

Thanks for the tips guys. Let me explain it a little better so maybe a light bulb pops in somebody’s head:

I have 3 go-to buttons on the main page they each go to different pages which i have arrange in living room, master bdrm, kitchen.

Let’s say i go up to the panel and press the “kitchen” go-to button, it will go to the page where i can control all the stuff in the kitchen.

However, (and this is the point of OP and my question) if i just walk away, the panel will just stay on the kitchen page.

I’ll explore tasker. Thanks.