Making an alarm pulse for seconds before sounding

Hi, I have an 120v alarm hooked up to an appliance module. I would like to create a scene when motion is detected on any of my sensors, the module will turn on for 1 second, then off for 1 second, on for 1 second, etc., for about 10 seconds as sort of a warning, then go on and not turn off after the 10 seconds.

Is this possible? I tried creating a scene with the first action immediate on, then 1 second delay off, when I try a next action for 1 second delay on it says I cant because 1 seconds delay is already used.

Am I going about this wrong?


You won’t be able to do this in the normal scene interface. Sorry.

Take a look at the PLEG plugin.

If PLEG can’t do it, then you will have to resort to LUA programming.