Magazines not featuring Vera Products

I subscribe to Electronic House magazine and just received the September 2015 edition. There is a DIY section and a Home Automation Roundup article, neither of which even have the slightest mention of Vera. It seems to me with that my Vera is capable of everything that these other system mentioned are (Wink, Iris). Is Vera missing the opportunity on this is or are these other products simply that much better?

Would be nice to start seeing some of these awesome DIY that are present on this forum featured in publications.

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Did they mention Homeseer or Fibaro? I notice that the older systems dont get the press that the “new and exciting” or Kickstarter crap gets.

It may be ignorance on the part of the publication. It may be that they don’t regard the older systems as being exciting enough anymore. Or perhaps it’s that they haven’t been paid by these manufacturers. Nah, no magazine would do that.

Yup, Fibaro is under the Systems designed to be installed by do-it-yourselfers and Homeseer under Systems intended to be installed by a professional home systems integrator.