Mac terminal HTTP command challenge

I have a challenge for us to overcome.
Recently, I have invested in SecuritySpy software by Ben Software Ltd.
This is a fantastic software package that offers the ability to run scripts and shell commands.
This could be a huge advantage because it will allow me to control things based on what my cameras are doing.
I have also found a site that helps build HTTP commands to control our Vera devices:
This is also awesome!
Now… the challenge is to run these HTTP commands from a Mac terminal so i can begin using them in this action section to control devices.

The software only triggers when there is a human and is not triggered by just any motion.
This would be great to turn on a light only when there is motion that is a human. (Great for exterior lighting)
The current command I have is this:

Any ideas about how to execute from a terminal shell command?


curl ‘

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That did it!!! I had tried curl but left out the single quote.
Thank you so much.

Beat me to it :wink:


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