M.2 SATA for extroot

I finally recieved a KingSpec M.2-USB adapter with a SkingSpec M.2 SSD I bought to use with my VeraPlus, but as long as I plug the USB cable into the Vera Plus usb port, the unit leds go off and the unit does not respond anymore.
It there anyone using an M.2 to USB adapter?

Useless to say that the adapter works when connected to a PC…

How are you powering the SATA drive. You need a powered usb hub at minimum.

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I have a usb power meter and the M.2 is absorbing 0,2A, much less than a standard usb port should be able to support.
I’ll give a try with a powerer usb hub…

I had exactly this with a faulty converter, but it wasn’t M2, just standard SATA

BTW Extrooting doesn’t work after 7.29…


7.31 runs and feels so much better also, do the upgrade (don’t forget to backup first)

This is USB power spike issue. When you first plug it in, the USB-SATA power regulation or the SSD itself likely draws a lot of current for a very short time. Best way to address this is to use a powered USB hub as @peterxbmc recommended . Or to boot the vera with the USB already plugged in. You will otherwise likely cause to vera to lose power upon plugging in of the USB device if the vera is already powered on.

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remember your bottleneck is still the USB 2.0 interface on the Vera so going M.2 is simply overkill IMO