LUUP restarts

UPdate from Customer support:

Hello Cornelis,

I haven?t done any changes to your system. I?ve simply checked the logs for the mentioned times and this was the unusual thing that we?ve noticed. But I?m glad to hear that the unit is working properly now.
You could certainly restore a backup and test this entire behavior if you?d like. You could also take into consideration the following idea that there might be too many underscores. As far as I could see there were 3 underscores in each name. Try to lower that value.

There were also some names with 4 underscores in it , could it be the reason …? too many underscores?


Ask him why the underscores cause a problem …

I don’t use any underscores in names but I had a Luup restart at 10:48 this morning myself. Going to have to watch it to see if it restarts every day at that time. Mind sharing your code to notify on Luup restart???

No code necessary,
System monitor plugin and on the notification tab, you can enter a notification.


Ok. Thanks! Mine has had a Luup restart at the same time every morning apparently…

Than it’s time to ask customer support what’s going on I guess.

Does Anyone one what a "normall"amount of LUUP restarts a day may be? or should it be none?


mine used to do about 10 a day.
One at the same time every day and the others were just varying.

Lately it’s settled down, firstly to only a few a day but since the latest firmware update it’s been about 4 days without one at all.

I think the answer should be none is correct

Attached plots show that for my two VeraLite systems running UI5, maximum time between reloads last month was 14 and 18 days respectively (it always reloads at the start of a month.)

My VeraEdge with UI7 can be similar.

[quote=“akbooer, post:28, topic:195741”]Attached plots show that for my two VeraLite systems running UI5, maximum time between reloads last month was 14 and 18 days respectively (it always reloads at the start of a month.)

My VeraEdge with UI7 can be similar.[/quote]

what are you using to record / display that info?

I’m using EventWatcher to capture the system parameters, DataYours to log them to a Whisper database, and then Grafana to create the dashboard.

Well, LUUP restarts were not a real issue for me but Monday, my NoOneHome scene, triggered when both iPhones are gone, was causing issues. The scene sets the House Mode to Away, and arms Blue Iris. I was getting Cameras Armed and immediately Cameras Disarmed every 5 minutes. Watching Vera, when the iPhone Locator pinged the phones every 5 minutes, it would fire the NoOneHome scene, changing it to Away (with notification) and immediately changed back to Home (with its notification). Manually setting it to Away would also immediately change to Home.


Dinking around I discovered it was all the underscores I was using in PLEG. I was expanding the exterior lights automation using data from the Weatherunderground plug-in, set up Sunday afternoon. Neither of us had left until Monday morning.

So today, I edited all of the schedules and conditions by taking out the underscores and it is staying in Away mode now.

Hmmmmm. :o

I deleted the underscores about 2 weeks ago , and since than maybe every 2-3 days a LUUP restart , so in my case it seemed to solve the issue as well.



I was getting Luup restarts every day at 10:48 in the morning. Support was little help. Now, I’m getting them up to 20 times a day. Only thing that has changed is that I removed a non functioning sensor and replace it. No code changes, no PLEG errors, nothing. Have fired off another email to support and enabled verbose logging. Now I need to add a USB drive for the logs since they don’t last long on Vera. They’re backed up to Mios, wherever the hell that is…

I to have these daily LUUP restarts.
They do not happen at any specific time but once a day they always happen 2 luup restarts within a minute.
I contacted support regarding another issue I had (DNS issue) which Vera Customer Care Advocate Johnny managed to fix after this the daily double luup restarts stopped.
Since then I have done again several changes to my setup and now the double luup restarts are back.

I also see this every 6 minutes:

02 04/07/17 9:29:47.414 e[33;1mUserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure start 0e[0m <0x768eb520>
02 04/07/17 9:29:47.441 e[33;1mUserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure 4724 res:1

I have been trying to not fiddle with Vera for a few days mainly to ensure my new CT30 USNAP module resolves an issue with my thermostat, but also to see how it does on its own.

Here is a screen shot of System Monitor this morning. I noticed last night I had a CMH reboot and Vera reboot yesterday morning about 11:30 and my LUUP restarted around 7:30 last night. No idea why CMH rebooted (it previously was in February last time I looked). Vera reboots are typically related to my unplugging it to move it to a misbehaving z-wave device (the thermostat for a while) but I had more messed with Vera since Monday. Hmmmm.

This morning, LUUP restarted around 7:30. My setup is not very large or complicated. Reflecting back, I do seem to recall a couple of things since Monday:

  1. Tuesday morning around 6 am I get an alert of a door sensor with low battery. I get on the web interface and that device that never had a battery level icon now has one showing 1%. Cool. The exact same device on another door has always had a battery level icon. Weird, but in this case, I’ll take it that something is working like it should.
  2. Because of that, I created 2 scenes Wednesday evening (well before 7:30 pm) to try to fix a similar issue with the thermostat. Since changing the USNAP, and adding it as new device, the new thermostat device does not show battery level nor report fan status correctly. So I wrote the scenes to trigger a switch when the fan state changes, thinking if a scene trigger fixes a door sensor, maybe it will fix the thermostat fan status reporting. Nope.

But I had not touched Vera since about 6 pm Wednesday. And I had a LUUP restart at 7:30 pm that night and again at 7:30 am this morning. I have not had any adverse affects so I am only watching.

Well, support got back to me and here’s the summary. They want me to uninstall the Enrg plugin (that I don’t have installed) and the Ecobee plugin. Really makes me wonder how much they looked into things when they want me to uninstall a plugin I don’t have installed to begin with…

@akbooer, I’m intriged with your dashboard solution. Could you share a little more as to how you set this up in regards to EventWatcher and DataYours? Are you using the standalone or hosted version of Grafana? Have you shared a version of your Dashboard and if so what is it’s name. Mike

I’m using EventWatcher to capture the system parameters, DataYours to log them to a Whisper database, and then Grafana to create the dashboard.[/quote]

It’s a stand-alone Grafana install on a RPi. Absolutely standard install.

EventWatcher is simply used because it logs memory usage and CPU of the Veras on which it’s installed.

I use AltUI to select which of these and other variables to push to DataYours, which, for convenience, is installed on each machine and registers itself as a Data Storage Provider to AltUI. All that the DataYours front ends on the Veras do is relay the data to a remote backend DataYours which actually run the Whisper database. This one is installed on another RPi, running openLuup, but it could equally well be on the same RPi as Grafana.

It sounds complicated, but isn’t at all. DataYours (and the original Graphite system on which is was based) is designed exactly for the distributed environment. The advantage of running the backend on openLuup is that it has a built-in CGI gateway which Grafana can use directly. This means that Grafana can interactively browse all the metrics stored by DataYours in the Whisper database, making configuration an absolute breeze.

Because it is all so configurable, there’s dozens of ways that this could be set up. But it works very well and I’ve totally abandoned the (rather poor, even though I say it myself) DataYours UI for configuration and plotting, much preferring the sleek Grafana UI and rendering of the graphs and other widgets.

Ask if you need more.


@AK, thanxs for the comeback/explanation. I will attempt to mimic your recommendations, the reason I ask is that whilst downloading Grafana as a stand alone version my internet virus detection software prevented me from downloading stating that website was not safe… so I thought maybe using the hosted version would work? Mike

Let’s continue discussion on the DataYours board, if necessary.