Luup restarts with more complex PLEG


I was having issues with restarts of Vera previously and took the decision to rebuild my system from scratch, as I have learnt a lot since I bought it and thought it likely that starting from a clean system would help. I have been gradually building the system back up to monitor if there was a particular device or plugin that introduced instability. Everything has been fine and I have been gradually adding in more PLEG conditions and activity. I have now started seeing intermittent restarts again, so it would appear that I am doing something in PLEG that is causing the system to tip over, though I guess it could just as easily be another plugin and its just the more complex PLEG is tipping things over the edge. Can you advise how best to troubleshoot this? What logs should I look in, what kind of entries, etc? I have seen some chat about the uPNP plugin causing vera to slow down a lot, so wondering if that may be the first thing to disable. Only have it for Sonos and I think the Sonos plugin will work without it, just not with instant status updates.


Are you using PLEG comments?

I noticed the commets on my conditions to cause very slow resposes of all my PLEG?s.

I removed them and they started to respond super fast again.

Just a hint i have no idea if that is the cause, just saying.

Are you setting lots of Z-Wave variables (using the power of pleg)?

Looks like a chatty Z-Wave network that might be locking up due to config or a bad device.

I think you’ll need to learn some PLEG debugging techniques to start compartmentalizing. I don’t think the forum will be able to debug that many conditions.

When in doubt, remove it all and add it back one at a time to find the issue.

Must be a coincidence … Comments are sword separately from the run time code and not even loaded by the PLEG code that runs in Vera.

Borat, have you reviewed the LUUP debugging thread?,14385.0.html

We can help you solve specific challenges, however, based on my experience, nobody is going help you debug a mass of code (volunteers want challenges, not work)…only you will have the hours and hours needed to step through and remove items and test. If you provide more focused questions once you narrow it down would be helpful.

Normally, you wouldn’t get any response to this question…so I’m helping you help yourself vs waiting for something that will never happen (someone debug a mass of your code).