Luup restarts when executing this PLEG


I have a PLEG instance which switches everything off , checks if window is closes , door is closed and locked , garage door is closed , than give me a notificication.

But I noticed that when I execute this PLEG ( VS_alarm_on) I get shortly afterwards a LUUP restart.
I have no idea why.

Attached the DEBUG log , I clicked the ( VS_alarm_on) virtual switch at 21:47:?? I get a luup restart at 21:48:53
Although I think the LUUP restart happened a bit earlier , since when I start the this PLEG , 30 seconds later I should recieve a notification , I never received the notification.

I also attached the logic report in PDF.

How do I best troubleshoot where the problem is , or is it already obvious to someone?


Looks like a problem with Scene 32

Hello Richard , thanks for your reply.

When I execute scene 32 , I have never a Luup restart, I tried again a lot of times , but that scene works good.
The scenes switches off all my lights and fibaro relais , sonos, about 20 devices immediately , 1 device after 30 seconds , and after 5 minutes some outside lights.

What could be a cause that as using the scene on it’s own it works good, running it via PLEG causes a Luup restart.