Luup code modification in scene not Save ...!

I am trying to modify the Luup code in some scenes of my Veralite.
Until now I had no problem to do that :

  • Edit scene (wrench icon)
  • Luup code windows
  • Luup code modification
  • Save Luua
  • Confirm changes
  • Reload

BUT I did it several times on several scenes , using both Chrome and Firefox, ans each time the Luua code isn’t updated !
I had to delete scenes, to create new ones with the new code in order to satisfy my goals.

Coud you explain what happens and why i am unable to perform and record such modification ?

pS : I am using UI5

You might have a syntax error in your LUA code.
Do you use the < in your logic ?

I already tested the code in Luua Apps and nothing wrong… And this code worked perfectly a few months ago.
I am afraid to face the same issue that I had to manage a few months ago when I was unable to perform any modification on my Vera.
To confirm this hypothesis I create today a new room and when I try to associate some new devices to this room… the new room doesn’t appear in the dropping list…
I initiated a MicasaVerde ticket but I am afraid that the support is off this week!

This can also be a symptom of running out of memory. Are there any plugins installed that you really don’t need? If so, delete one and see if that returns your ability to save changes to your configuration.

I recently installed two new plug-in :

  • one dedicated to the Ipx800 device
  • one for supporting the Fibaro RGB device which manage led strip
    Do you think that could be the explanation of such behavior?
    I will try to identify and delete some plug-in which are not necessary.
    Is there a way to identify this memory limitation and to discover by try that you overpass the threshold?
    Hanging the box and trying to fix it isn’t a very good way of working!

Considering some memory issues, it’s what displayed on my system Monitor Plug-in :

Mem Available
kilo bytes

CPU Load (1 minute)
CPU Load (5 minute)
CPU Load (15 minute)
Last CMH Reboot
19:11:47 Sun 28 Dec 2014
Last Vera Restart
11:54:26 Wed 31 Dec 2014
Last Luup Restart
11:55:47 Wed 31 Dec 2014

Is there something wrong?

Vera’s memory management is somewhat flawed. If you search this forum, you will find many threads discussing how to evaluate memory usage. There are several tools available but their results rarely agree.

Whenever I hit the cannot-save-configuration position on my Vera Lite, I would delete any unnecessary devices and also remove redundant plugin files from the folder /etc/cmh-ludl before hitting Save. It always worked.

Finally I got bored and switched to a Vera 3.

If you don’t already have it, get WinSCP. It provides an easy interface for Vera’s file system and also has terminal and puTTY facilities. See attached for more on this.

Thank you for all your answers… And happy New Year!
I loaded a Vera configuration saved just before installing my two new plugins.
And I was able to modify my Vera.
I deleted unused plugins to save memory and now I am able again to, modify luup code in scene and to record it.
Effectively my problem is a memory issue.
What a pity that Micasaverde doesn’t provide new hardware with more memory and. brilliant CPU…
Il will try to manage more accuraly my Vera memory (2015 sturdiness !)