Luup code for HomeWave notifications

Hi Richard,

I have used VeraAlerts for a couple of years on an Android phone but I recently switched to an iPhone and now use HomeWave to control my Vera 3. In looking for a replacement for VeraAlerts for HomeWave I found that the HomeWave push notifications actually work through VeraAlerts (wish I had found that before I deleted VeraAlerts from my Vera; but re-installing worked ok). I can send notifications to my iPhone from HomeWave via VeraAlerts using the notification tab on any device, but I have various scenes that use Luup code to send notifications through VeraAlerts when they run. The basic code, which you gave me some time ago, is:

luup.call_action(“urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1”, “SendAlert”,
{Message = “Susan’s garage door is Closed{tone:1}”, Recipients = “Vera ID”}, 108)

This does not work for HomeWave. Since I don’t understand the whole process very well I have no idea why it doesn’t work, but I’m sure some of these parameters need to change. I did try changing the “Vera ID” to the VeraAlerts profile name, but that didn’t work either.

Any suggestions? Or is there no way to send notifications via HomeWave in Luup?


Never mind; I figured it out.

When I re-installed VeraAlerts the ID number of the device changed. The Luup code had a device of 80 while the new device is 108. I changed the device from 80 to 108 AFTER I tried “HomeWave” as the recipient rather than the Vera ID. So I made the right changes, but not together. Once I had the correct device ID and the recipient as “HomeWave” it worked.

I really need to play with this crap earlier in the day. Vera is hard enough to understand with a clear head…