Luup code for exception in scenes

I am new to luup. I would like to set exceptions in some of my scenes. I want multiple scenes to open a door and some specific for some users. Apparently, this can only be done via Luup code and I have no knowledge for luup programming.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


You may be able to get the same result through the reactor plugin

Thanks for the reply. What is the reactor plug in? I have a vera edge.


Reactor is a logic engine which puts into graphics pretty much everything you would want to do with the vera with lua. It enables you to run complex scenes with conditions and triggers the vera would require lua code to do as well as complex timed conditional sequenced actions. Courtesy of @rigpapa.

Ohh and Welcome! Another member from Quebec!

Search is your best friend :wink:

It pretty much is similar to luup logic but gets rid of the writing the logic part. It’s more visual based and easier to understand for new to luup users.

Took the words out of my mouth :slight_smile:

Sorry did not mean to steal from you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thank you all. I will look it up for sure. And yes, I am indeed from Qc. :slight_smile:

Tks again.

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