luup, all at once

i have seen in the log that the scripts (as changed/created via UI) are stored in some fashion and show on lua startup.

is it possible to edit this file(s) directly and have the engine reload it without messing things up?
if yes, where is it stored ?

Messing with Vera’s files can lead to untold misery. :o What are you trying to achieve?

i will have to replace and move a few switches …
i have tons of code … i simply want to open the whole bunch in a text editor (like i do all day for web platforms as well) :wink:

and replace the id’s of the switches … put all back …

and the “view of the big picture” may give me also some better ideas on other things or making things more slick (via the UI then) :wink:
but primary is the case the move of some switches to other locations … and replace them with new ones.

If you want to see the format of the data you can get it from:


You will find the fragments of things inside the file … but in know way will you be able to see the big picture … since the info is spread out all over the file. And the file is huge. When you actually go to edit the file, one syntax error and Vera may not be able to startup. So make sure you keep a copy of the original unmodified file!!!

If you still want to go forward:

This will show the actual editing steps.

NOTE: I do not recommend this unless you really know what you are doing!