LuaUPnP crash

Hi, I suddenly started to have crashs with my VeraLite when running scenes. I get the following in the log. Any clues? I have seen in other posts that has to do something with Ergy Plugin, but I don’t have that plugin installed!

Here is the log:

e[7;36m2013-11-09 16:56:12 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 137e[1;00m e[7;36m2013-11-09 16:56:12 - LuaUPnP crashe[1;00m

Are you using any luup calls in the scenes that cause the crash?

Yes, I have the following code:

[code]local script = “af_vol_75”
luup.inet.wget(“” … script,8)

local Lock1State=luup.variable_get(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:DoorLock1”,“Status”,3)
if (Lock1State == “1”) then
return false
local Disp = luup.devices[3].description
local Vera = “SF635”
local msj = “La puerta fue cerrada”
luup.inet.wget(“”… msj …“&dispositivo=”… Disp …“&vera=”… Vera …“”,15)
return true

Comment out the call to luup.inet.wget and see if your stability returns.

Ok, I have commented it out, I will try and get you back. But in case that is the problem, what alternative can I have? I control my music launching scripts on my pc via that call.

First let’s see if that stabilizes Vera.

Vreo - did commenting out the wget do the trick for you?

I fixed a similar thing where I had some code that triggered a couple of wgets and would crash.

Is there a better way to do this? I’d prefer to have the wgets still happen. Or do I need to delve into sockets?

ih8gates, I am testing today, I had a lot of scenes using that so it take me a while to change them. I will let you know later or tomorrow morning, although I have being looking for alternatives and as for now I have found three that haven’t tested: the sockets via Lua and the wget and curl via os.execute.

Maybe you should create a testing Virtual Switch and wrap the calls to wget with a check on this switch.

What do you mean with wrap? To check the response and turn on or off the switch based on response? Sorry.

In lua code:

local test = luup.variable_get(… )
if (test == “1”) then

Hi, updating, I wait a few days to have a more accurate answer. I delete from all my scenes the luup.inet.wget and I don’t have any more restarts. Looking for an alternative, I find a not so elegant one, but works without restarts:os.execute("wget -q -T=5 -t 10 -O /dev/null ''")

I use the LUA package: http
The function is: http.request(“URL”)
You can actual read the results if the URL replies with anthing.

I ran this through the Lua tester and it failed. Is that a package you added yourself? Will that work on a Veralite?

Oops … I use:
http = require(“socket.http”)

It is used by the Vera Alerts Plugin … runs on Vera2 → Vera 3

Yup! That did the trick.