Lua libraries?

I’m not familiar with Lua (but I am with other languages) and would like to know if it is possible for a developer to add their own Lua libraries or is this something one MCV can do?

Lua itself has libraries, and a number of the more useful ones are pre-packaged with MiOS. MiOS doesn’t currently have a browser-based mechanism for “deploying” new Libraries, but developers can put them into the “right spot” using SSH (and a smart plugin author could do the same via their Plugin’s code).

Unfortunately it limits the commercial-ness of anything written that way, since it would be hard for an end-user to deploy… unless they did it in their Lua Plugin, but that’s another story :wink:

Lua uses LUA_PATH to lookup where it’s going to load Libs from when they’re requested. Things like /usr/lib/lua are automatically included.

The Pre-packaged libs include things like LuaSocket, LuaSec, LTN12, LuaExpat, Nixio… not a complete list, but probably some of the more interesting libs… since they also have their corresponding c-lib underneath them, that’s already installed, and these libs provide all sorts of stuff (UDP/TCP Sockets, SMTP Client, HTTP Client, SSL, XML Parsing, Mime encoding/decoding, Bit manipulation etc, etc)

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. I’m not too worried about commercial release just if it could be done. I realize that there is a limit to the RAM/Flash also and that there will be no support for such adds.