Lua code doesn't execute on its own

I’ve added a Lua code to a scene to trigger IFTTT. More specifically, when a Schlage lock opens, it will trigger it.
When I test-run the scene, it executes successfully. The IFTTT gets triggered and I received a notice on my IFTTT app.
But on its own, it doesn’t execute. When I open the lock, the IFTTT doesn’t get triggered.

What’s wrong?

I use Lua code in a Vera scene to send a http command to IFTTT Web hooks to turn on and off the privacy mode on an internal Ezviz IP camera and it works perfectly all the time, so it should be possible.

If your test code works then you know your lua code is good.

So is the scene being triggered properly by the lock?

Can you add a notification or turn on a light in the scene also, as test for when the lock opens.

Good point! I added notification, and I get notification on trial runs, but get nothing in real situations.
So I guess it’s not a Lua code issue, but an issue of the scene not executing at all.
It probably the Schlage lock that’s not triggering the scene to begin with.
How do I trouble shoot this?

I’m not familiar with any door lock devices as I have none.

Post a screenshot(s) of the trigger in your scene.