LTM-5 switches no longer transmitting

Has anyone had any difficulty with LTM-5 switches failing over time to transmit zwave commands?

I have had five ltm-5 switches recently stop transmitting they are all about the same age, same order about 4 years ago. The switch will blink once (instead of several times) and no transmission occurs.

If I unpower them for 30 secs or so, they will start working again for a time, but by a day or so later, they stop working again.

I cannot figure out what is causing them to stop working or why they are all failing at about the same time

Any ideas?

Yes… at least 5 (or more now) of mine have failed in a similar manner over last 18 months. Just go brain dead and cannot poll/reconfigure Also installed 4-5 years ago. I have also lost a couple of dimmers/switches. Because of this, anything new is now GE and I will no longer purchase GoControl/Evolve/Linear (all the same) if I can help it.
The replacements I have ordered in the last year have been the ZW+ versions from GoControl where I needed the remote capability. Will see how long these last.

Make that #6 as of tonight of my LTM-5/WT00Z-1 devices

I have now lost at least 50% of my original Evolve/Linear 3Way, Switches, and Dimmers over the last couple of years. Where I can, being replaced with GE which have not failed at all.

i have a large number of evolve switches in my home, and have had many fail as well and require replacement (20 or 30 in course of last few years).
What is a good alternate solution to consider? I will need dimmer, switch as well as something to handle the 3-way switches (an accessory switch?)