LRM-AS and LTM-5 wiring revisited...

Hello! I’m new to this and am having a wiring dilemma. I’ve read the previous thread but it didn’t touch my issues. I have a 3way front hallway setup with a single switch at the beginning of the hallway and a double gang (?) at the front door which holds the other part of the 3way for the hallway and a separate switch on the double gang for the front porch light. I unconnected all three and it seems the single switch at the begining of the hall has no line at all, so the line must be coming from the front door double gang. Now the way the electrician wired was to have the line from the front porch switch continue to the hallway switch so he cut out the center black plastic on the line, wrapped it around the switch and continued the end to the hallway switch. I used a voltage tester and it seems that the line, the load and the traveller (red) all have current by the front door. With no switches connected there is no current at the single switch by the beginning of the hallway on the red traveler or either black wire. I hooked up the front porch light to an LRM-AS and it works great. I hooked the middle of the line to the black, the copper to the green (ground) and the white to the white (neutral) and the blue to the load. My problem is the three way. If I put a nut on the red on both ends I get power going the switch by the front door so the green LED lights up but it doesn’t work the light so I’m not sure the second black is the load. Meanwhile the other switch LED doesn’t even light up and I can’t seem to get power to it. Any suggestions? Should I connect the red (traveler) by the front door to the line coming off the front porch and use the red at the beginning of the hallway as my line?



The black wire with two exposed sections of copper bridging the two switches in the double gang box is your line/hot. There should also be a bundle of white neutrals in the same box.

I really struggled to understand your description, but I am unsure of:
Are you dealing with a single LRM-AS or multiple?
Is there a single black or multiple blacks in the single gang box?

If, and only if, the answer to both of the above questions is “single” then you need to:

  1. Cap the red at both ends.

  2. Connect the ground from the traveler cable(the cable that includes the capped red) to the ground bundle in the double gang box.

  3. Connect the black from the traveler cable to the line/hot in the double gang box.

  4. Connect the white from the traveler cable to the neutral bundle in the double gang box.

  5. Connect the LTM-5 in the single gang box Black to Black, White to White, Ground to Ground.

  6. Include both switches into the Z-Wave network. Associate the two Z-Wave switches. The LTM-5 will not do anything until this association is complete.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean about multiple LRM-AS. I’m dealing with one LRM-AS in the double gang box for the front porch and one LRM-AS for the hall light. In the Single Gang, I’m putting a LTM-5 to pair with the LRM-AS in the double gang that controls the hall light and there are 2 black wires in the single gang. All the neutral white wires were already bundled together and capped and all the ground wires were bundled and capped off as well when I first opened it up. Does that help clear things up?



Two black wires in the single gang box means that one is the load. Since you are placing the LTM-5, a non-load switch, in the single gang box, you will need to bring the load back to the LRM-AS in the double gang box.

I would simply expand on my previous instructions by adding that the red should be used to extend the black load, in the single gang box, back to the blue on the LRM-AS.

According to most electrical code, the red should also be tagged(a piece of black tape) in the double gang box.

So I take the red in the single gang and connect to the load in the single gang? then use the red in the double gang as the load to the hallway LRM-AS? How do I get the line in the single box? None of the wires seem to have a current in the single gang when I have the LRM-AS installed for the hallway.


How do I get the line in the single box? None of the wires seem to have a current in the single gang when I have the LRM-AS installed for the hallway.
See step 3 above. The line in the double gang box needs to be connected to both switches in the double gang box and to the black in the traveler cable. This extends the line to the single gang box.

Edit: In the diagram The LSM-15 is synonymous with the LRM-AS.

Thanks sooooo much!!! I’ll give it a try this afternoon when I get home. Very excited. I hope it works!!!

Thanks again,


So, as a quick update, I have power to both switches and the LRM-AS works to turn on and off the hallway light. I paired it with my Simon GE XTi and it turns the lights on and off but I don’t know how to pair the LTM-5 to the LRM-AS. I see it in my web control, but it won’t turn on or off. Thanks,


Now I keep getting malfunction errors and the lights that are farthest from the control panel (the foyer and front porch) won’t work remotely. I thought the mesh network was enough. How far can they work from each other? It’s not more than 25ft. from one to another.

Here’s the last time I posted instructions for associating the switches.

Range issues are resolved by adding intermediate nodes. The matter is covered extensively in the forums. If you’re unsure as to whether or not it is a range issue, move the Vera closer to the device and test it.


I found that thread, unfortunately I’m not using a Vera. I know this is the website for that, but it was the only site I could fine where people were using the LRM-AS and LTM-5 so I could get them wired. I’m actually using a GE Simon XTi controller with Frontpoint Security and When I login to it shows the LTM-5 under devices but I can’t find how to associate it to the LRM-AS. Anyone familiar with my system?