Lowes GE Dimmer switch

I bought a switch to replace a non-LED dimmable I had working. I’ve left all the incandescent bulbs in place. I disconnected the old switch and installed a new one. The blue led is flashing as soon as i turn the breaker on. The switch doesn’t work manually, the lights stay off. It’s a GE 12723 from Lowes. Anyone know what the flashing led means? Pretty sure i have it wired correctly.

Anyone know what the blinking blue LED means? I’m thinking of stopping at Lowes and buying another switch. Should I quit using the GE switches?

I don’t recall the GE switch behaving like this. In fact I seem to recall GE switches working manually, no matter what their state of inclusion. But, I do recall some switches doing this until they are included in a Z-Wave network.

Did you try including the switch?
Are you sure it is wired correctly?

You should swing back by lowes and buy the right switch is what it sounds like. Did it cost 39.99 or did you get it cheaper?

It's a GE 12723 from Lowes.

The 12723 switch is a 3 way add on switch. Not a single dimming switch. What do the instructions say?

The more i think about it the 12723 is a aux switch but I don’t remember the AUX switches having LED’s (at-least the old ones don’t) So, something smells fishy.

Sorry, typed the wrong number. It is a 3-way, but I was trying to get it to work without the ax first. The switch was bad. When I connected line, betray and ground the LED would flash. I couldn’t add it or remove it from z-wave. No matter what the traveler put out 120v and the load remind was dead. I exchanged it at Lowe’s. New switch worked right away. Solid blue LED. Lights dim perfectly. Now works with LED.

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ACE Hardware has a deal! 2 Feit BR30 650 lumens soft white indoor/outdoor dimmable LED 2 pack for 14.99.

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