low cost pcb

Hello anyone,
My board has a lot of features and tight tolerances, can someone suggest the right low cost pcb Manufacturing? I don?t want a too pricy one.
thank you for any adivce.


  • Garrett

My thoughts, too. A prelude to spam.

Especially when they have two freshly minted accounts on the same IP.

Even if they don’t post, they can use the [lowered] PM requirements to form communications over PM.

The spammer/bot folks used to do this all day long before I raised the PM limits to 25. Every now and again, it would error out, and get caught in the logs, and you could see all sorts of things being “launched/co-ordinated” by bots, using directives sent over/via PM messages… quite amusing really.

Unfortunately the MCV team lowered the PM limits (to 1?) so it’s basically open season to use the forum as that type of communications/co-ordination hub…