Lose connectivity to veralite after power loss

Config is veralite with 1.5.622. Using AutHomation and also using RTI driver to control veralite.
I have posted this in RTI dealer forum as well as logged support request to micasaverde. All devices on same lan and using local access.
Following power loss AutHomation returns “connection refused.” The pc web interface to UI5 shows commands sent and return ok, but the command does not actually execute.
RTI remote has buttons with labels that populate from the veralite. All labels disappear and no commands work.
Fixes so far have been:
PC - log in again and “troubleshoot network” button, then execute command
AutHomation, enter login info again
RTI - push config to the RTI controller again.
I’m testing the system at home, but I work for a custom integrator (theater, home automation, etc) I would like an alternative to Lutron RR2 but cannot recommend until I can prove reliability. I would appreciate any guidance or direction.


Is there a possibility something on the network changed IP addresses when it got a new DHCP lease after the power cycle?

I know I occasionally had issues with my Vera changing IPs until I set my router up to give the Vera a fixed IP via DHCP.

Veralite has dhcp reservation. It was just replaced via RMA so we will have to see with new unit.