Loop/Repeat A Scene (Need help)

Im trying to repeat a scene to make a fibaro dimmer module change colors on a Led strip around TV cabinet for a mate.

I’ve created the scene and got it changing nicely through colors. And I tried to make the scene repeating by when trigger scene ends > start scene. I know this would create a infinite loop but I couldn’t even get that to happen.

My understanding is I would need a virtual switch to turn this on and off. I installed combination switch and virtual switch and couldn’t figure those out either.

I’m not willing to change to PLEG as I want to keep plugin’s running on my setup low, and I don’t really understand how to set it up as well.

Anyone willing to explain how to set this up with Lua Code and provide a little of example of how to create the virtual switch?

There is an example showing how to use VirtualSwitch in this thread.

Rather than repeating the scene, you could use a luup.call_delay(…) to repeat the actions after a delay. This is also explained in the referenced thread.