Looks like there might have been a breach somewhere

I only say this because I started getting fake/spam/phishing emails to the email I use across the board for Vera/Ezlo products and websites (ie, this forum). It’s a very unique email (so it would be pretty odd for a bot to randomly generate it on its own) and no one else has it. So if I am starting to get fake/phishing emails to it, that means someone was able to get their hands on the information somewhere and that usually means some form of a breach of information (FYI).

Please send me a private message containing the full body of the email, including the headers.
I want to check if any of our MX servers were used.

Also, must note that your email is so guessable and not random. Random would be r4nd0M+v3ra+fan(at) domain.

I can share a list with what the script kiddies have been trying on our MX servers for the last week, for example.

Most of de identified addresses are found by bots.

Just as a follow up: one of our mx servers had been tried (login to be used as spam) for at least 11548 combinations of users and domains, starting March 10. On another server I have 20029, for only the last 2 days. These guys are inventive and use word dictionaries.

Hey Alecs. Apologies. It’s been a busy day. None of your MX servers were included as only mail.yahoo.com, yahoo.com, or sg3.yahoo.com were included within the headers. It was one of the first things I checked when I got the email (ie, sonic311-2.consmr.mail.sg3.yahoo.com). So the bot is sending via Yahoo via a database of information it has.

Please do complain to yahoo. I can’t find anything on that email, and I also can not find anything on a email that I have (something+filter@domain), which started receiving spam late 2020.

On the other hand, I found some of our emails (@mios) in a very old breach, but the list does not originate in our data, as most of the internal emails are missing.

Use hunter.io for some lookups, it might be interesting, and https://haveibeenpwned.com/ for… pwnages.

Yahoo shall be reached out to

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