Looking to switch from SmartThings

I’m looking to make the switch from SmartThings, however I have a lot invested in to many different sensors and devices. I’m trying to verify compatibility with as many as possible before making the decision. The only device (of which I have a bunch of) that I’ve not been able to verify if it will work with Vera is the Samsung SmartSense Multi Sensor (Zigbee device). Anyone have any luck getting this to connect with Vera (looking at the VeraPlus).


May not be totally helpful from me as I don’t know if the Samsung multi sensors are supported by the Vera but I tend to stray away from Zigbee devices because they congest the 2.4GHz band which already has wifi, wireless phone, microwave ovens amongst other things and have shorter range than Zwave due to their higher frequency making them less reliable in many setups. They are easier to manage, to add remove etc, cheaper but less reliable or can cause other devices to be less reliable. If the samsung sensors really don’t work, you can always resell them and get zwave ones.

Hi Caleb, we love hearing that our competition’s users want to switch to Vera.

I have not heard anything about that particular device. Here is a link to a thread in our forum regarding what ZigBee devices users have had success with. http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,36354.0.html

With ZigBee, unless the device is the same as one we have gone through the integration process for (same device rebranded) it is likely not work. There is no underlying structure like there is in Z-Wave for plug and play device compatibility.

With a device like that one which is sold by Smartthings, it is pretty unlikely that they will provided the documentation needed for us to integrate. If we can identify who manufactures it for them there is a possibility that it could be integrated but that could take months and months.

Here is a link to our compatibility page. http://getvera.com/compatibility/

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions.

Thanks Marc. I kind of figured that would be the case. I have eight of these (at $40 a pop) so I was hoping they would work. I’ll give it a valiant effort to get them working. :slight_smile: I did order a Vera Plus this morning as I’m tired of the extreme flakiness of the SmartThings. Hopefully Vera is even a little better.