Looking to replace my Vera 2...I'm done

I bought my Vera 2 a few years ago. Slowly I have tried to add to it with third party plugins (WeMo, wink, day and Night, AltUI) to make it usable. I understand that plugins are not Vera responsibility but without them the Vera would be a limited device.

I love the third party developer support. It is why I have stuck with this unit, but this device has never really worked.

The constant hang ups when trying to connect to the ui, the need to restart, limitations in the Vera support. I have been on the phone with support for two hours today for them to tell me to upgrade to a newer Vera without trying to fix why my scenes aren’t executing or why one of my Zwave devices fail to configure.

The issues I have had on ui5, empty responses, loading screens and hours of troubleshooting without fixes. All of this has lead me to look elsewhere.

I gave it a good run. Now I am looking for a replacement. I need a hub that can speak wifi, zigbee and Zwave. I have a mix of Zwave lights and sensors and thermostats, GE links lights and crew lights and WeMo switches and sensors.

I would like to have them talk to each other and have an easier to use scene interface. Any recommendations are welcome.

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So what did you end up doing?

It seems every few weeks, someone post something like this, I’m no exception.

What I discovered is Vera interface is relatively easy to pick up. I tried homeseer but the learning curve is way up there. I learned to work with the devices that works and finally settled in UI5 and a Vera 3. Not perfect but it works for my everyday needs for now. I also see myself moving to a new platform in the near future with Google Home releasing, with the Echo only being supported in UI7 and the critical devices for me only works in UI5 I think homeseer is going to be the go to platform.