Looking for Z-Wave Writers and Reviewers

Hi all, Eric here, Editor of the http://MyZwave.Net website.

I’ve been writing about Z-Wave and my Home Automation network for about 7 years, originally on MyHomeServer.com and eventually migrated my content to a newer Z-Wave focused site called MYZWAVE.NET

I’m making more investments in the site this year and have a large backlog of products and review requests. This isn’t my full time gig, I’m a DNS guy, but really love Z-Wave and the benefits of having a voice controlled tightly integrated home automation network

I’m looking for some folks that want to jump into being an online writer and reviewer, I have some ideas on compensation, what I’m looking for, etc. If you think you have what it takes to test, write and review Z-Wave devices and have some unique ideas I’d love to hear from you.

PM me here, I’d be your editor and work with you to get you Z-Wave devices to test and review and in many cases you can keep these products and there are also referral payments you’d be eligible for from Z-Wave affiliate programs such as Amazon, etc. It’s a great way to get your name out there, test the latest products from a variety of Z-Wave manufacturers and extend your Z-Wave network while doing so

INTERESTED? send me an email to Editor@MyZWave.net with a little info on you, your Z-Wave Setup, Writing Sample or links to anything you’ve written and why you think you’d be a great addition to the MyZWave.net review team. Wordpress and some basic graphic screenshot and editing skills are a plus!



Hi Eric,

I’m an Industrial Automation Engineer just really getting into home automation with an aim of possibly doing this professionally.
I’m definitely interested in this as it could be a good way to increase my exposure in the field.

Are you looking for people in a specific region? I understand certain products are only available in certain markets.

I’m UK based.

Have a look at my website and resume, it’s only a very basic website setup to host my resume but I do plan to expand it to include guides and details of my home automaton adventure.
I have a YouTube channel “Fraser technology” which I’ve been staying to prepare videos for but wanted to spend a little time on them before publishing.


As my side of things grows, there could be a mutual benefit in that I could maybe drive some traffic onto your site also.

Either get a hold of me on here or by the contact details on my site.


There is no geographic limitation, Having an EU presence may also be a benefit. I sent you a PM but please send all your details in an email to me as described in the original post, this way I have all my candidates in one place for review, my activity here on the forum is sporadic

Thanks for your interest!