Looking for Vera temperature sensor

Hey im looking for temperature sensor compatibly to my vera plus. Im looking in forum but i found only posts from 2012, maybe now its any compatibly devices? I want only see in Vera app what its my temperature on room.

Fibaro FGWPF-101 and -102 works well and they also detect motion and light level, only temperature sensors for z-wave are rare. I have a lot of temperature sensors for 433 MHz but then you need to have some sort of unit to read them that is connected to the Vera (in my case RfxTrx)

You don’t say which region you are in ?

I have Fibaro flood sensors that also act as temperature sensors: FGFS-101 Gen5, and they seem to work quite well in sensing water as well as temperature. They are battery-operated devices. I do use them to monitor temperature inside the various rooms within my house but don’t have them integrated into any scenes. I personally monitor them to let the person who visits my house every two weeks when he should flip my thermostat over to heat this time of year.

If you want to avoid a battery powered device, the
HomeSeer HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor
is a nice device that has temperature, plus can act as a notification device with the different light colors you can set (and it does motion and lux as well).

Thanks for all anwers i bought a Coolcam Motion Sensor and it have a temperature sensor work great.

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