Looking for a WIRELESS alarm system that will EASILY integrate


I’m a VERY tech-savvy person (I run security and compliance for a large ecommerce corporation) but I just don’t have the time / patience to learn about alarms and play around with this component from that company and that component from this other company. I also don’t want to pay ADT a fortune and be stuck with their solution.

We have a 3 story home, I want to be able to
a) turn off the alarm and unlock the front door when the cleaning company comes. turn it back on when they leave
b) turn on perimeter intrusion on the basement and ground floor door / window sensors at night
c) turn off a pair of cameras and disarm the alarm when a registered user punches their code in the Quik set lock
d) the ability to receive text messages if the door / motion sensor / cameras are triggered
e) The ability to see the cameras from my phone or PC. I have a fully secured network @ home, with NAS storage and IP-restricted FW setup, VPN etc
f) the flexibility to expand to a better thermostat, control lights, etc, etc…

I know I want a ZWave system and MCV Vera lite for the ability to create scenes and control remotely, which evenutally will turn on the lights when my wife enters her code, turn the heat on when we’re returning from vacation, etc.

What I’m looking for is “here, buy this alarm system with these wireless sensor (slim preferred) and these two wi-fi cameras, I know they work well together because I use them myself.” I HAVE to go wireless because my home isn’t going to be retro-fitted. I need something that will just work. the sense I got was that DSC is a non-starter because of half-finished plugins, but I’m completely agnostic. Also, re-reading an other thread, I think a keypad in case I’m not home would be a necessity. it needs to be wireless as well…

I know you guys have spent a lot more time and have a collective knowledge that is so far superior than what I could dream of achieving in my 30 minutes of spare time researching this that I’ll be eternally grateful for any recommendations.

Once done I’ll share the layout I came up with and will be happy to help out in any way that I can.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Not sure what you mean by the DSC plugin being half finished. The plugin is pretty complete, if not one of the most complete plugins. However, there are no wireless keypads for the DSC PowerSeries. There is another topic discussing alarm panels with wireless keypads. But there are not many, if not any solutions that will work with Vera. Most of the alarm systems need a keypad to be wired to the panel.

  • Garrett

  • Garrett

@Garrett, apologies if I mis-understood what I read about the DSC plugin.

I might be able to wire the alarm to the control panel without too much headache… So … let’s say that we have the wireless keypad out of the equation. what is the better solution for the Vera light? :slight_smile:

I currently use the DSC PowerSeries alarm and have been very satisfied with it. Sensors are pretty cheap and can be found easily. There are also several options that can be used to integrate it into Vera.

  • Garrett


The DSC system is a great option. It provides flexibility and enables modular expansion.
Currently there are two real options to intergrate the DSC power series with Vera:

  1. DSC IT100. This is reliable; however, not upgradable. Connection via RS232, but, can be connected to LAN or WIFI with an adapter. Heap of details on this forum.

  2. EnvisaLink 2DS, upgradreable, TCP/IP, and additional functionality other than using with Vera. see EyezOn - Smart Home Security No Monthly Fees

Now the plugin works on both; however, in my case (I have both the above), I am experiencing other issues which I believe is not the plugin but the environment in which it is deployed. There are several member of this forum trying to address various issues that have been encountered (and they should be commended for their effort, time and commitment) and be extension the OEM have reponded to requests and released new firmware. I have not been able to identify the root cause and in time this will hopefully be identified and therefore, documented to hopefully overcome and future problems before they are encountered.

I would recommend the DSC as a very reliable system… and what you can add to the alarm system with the DSC modules. I would recommend both the IT100 and the 2DS (you only need one or the other) but you need to consider placement, comms and the what each offers. I would honestly prefer the 2DS due to what it offers and what the future may hold; however, the IT100 is a solid and reliable workhorse.

Now if you are not confident with the 2DS, you may consider the IT100 as the preferred choice and upgrade to the 2DS in the future. But I definetly would not excluded the DSC or the basis of some of the points in the forum without an understanding of the full scope.

I think if you look at the comments the thread below; I do not think anyone has said anything different and endorse the DSC for what it can offer.


Why not consider to build an alarm using only the vera light and some zwave motion or door sensor? Why should we create an interface to an esterni System?

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Because a true alarm system is far more reliable than using the zwave sensors and vera. You also have the option of having the system be monitored.

  • Garrett


That is a very good question.

I will go on step further then Garrett as a key considerations:, Reliable, redundancy and backup.
Alarm system, especially in some country around the world have been designed over a number of year and have been subject to very close design and functional scrutiny and as a result, their reliability and availability have improved dramatically. In addition, as they as widely used, so their cost are significantly cheaper whilst maintaining the reliability and they are designed for that primary purpose, security… And most system that are designed and implemented well will provide that to the owners.

Add on the benefit of stability and scalability with various module and you can progressively improve your systems functionality if required or desired. They also use very little power in comparison to a z-wave system, have a greater wireless range and battery life for wireless device such as a sensor should be 3-4 time greater than a z-wave sensor. Of course, you can not beat a hard-wired security system for dependability which by saying that, I am really stating z-wave can not really compare to a security system if you want a security system. But, I have no doubt that they may in the future!

Also by dividing HA and your security system you negate a single point of failure for your security system. So, why should we create an interface to an external System? Because, by doing so, give you the best capability and the best of both worlds.