Looking at buying a Vera 3 to augment my Simon XT

Hi All,

First time poster, searched the site but could not find the answers to my questions. Bought a new house 6 month ago and went with Frontpoint, had to have a security system quick for the insurance company. Found out the Simon XT supported zwave, hence my foray into home automation. Since then I have installed around 50+ GE/Jasco On - Off switches, GE receptacles, and GE dimmers. For the second time my zwave receiver in my Simon XT has gone out. Extremely frustrating… I will have to delete and re-add, re-name, all of those devices, recreate my rules…

So now I am looking at what can work well the Simon XT.

Can a vera 3 receive sensor notifications from the simon XT? “Front Door is opened after dark, turn on the hallway lights, etc…”, system is disarmed do x and y.

Can the vera 3 handle logic such as motion detector 1 and 2 active then turn these lights on?

I really hope it can,

Update: Bought the vera3 and am quite happy