Logitech Wilife Version 2.5 and Vera3

Hi there,

I have an old Logitech Wilife Command Center Version 2.5 (build 968) system with 5 wireless IP cameras running on Windows 7. Unfortunately, Logitech discontinued this product and they don’t provide upgrade support anymore.

I recently purchased Vera3 with 8 IP cameras (VistaCam SD, HD, PT).

Is there any possible way that I can hook up my old Logitech IP cameras to work with my Vera3 controller? I’m aware that both systems are running on entirely different technology (i.e. Vera on Wifi, Logitech Wilife on electrical lines), but any plugins or add-ons that I can do to make them work with Vera3? Those Logitech cameras are still in good working conditions and very pricey when I got them ($200+ each 10 years ago).