Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home setup

I just unboxed my Harmony and downloaded the Harmony app to my Edge (U17), and I get this error:

Harmony Control : CMD: Failed sending command get_config to Harmony Hub - errorcode=423, errormessage=Failed to connect to Harmony Hub

Has anyone seen this before, and have suggestions on how to fix?


It means there is no network connection between your Vera and the Hub. Is the IP address correct and are both on the same network?

If you know how to ssh into your Vera you can do a ping to the hub to check.

Cheers Rene

I had this and couldn’t figure it out. Turns out I had the IP wrong . . .

There appears to be an ongoing issue with the latest version of the plugin. I would check the IP as advised before but would expect it may not be the solution.