Logitech Alert E cameras and Vera2

I searched for posts looking for advice on the Vera2 and Logitech Alert E cameras. All of the nformation was old and I startd to reply and the system told me to post a new topic.

If anyone has had success with these two devices, I would appreciate the info. I have seen the results from the Alert E and it is great, but I want to pair it with a Vera2 -

I have not purchased anything at this time and what I want is the night vision and HD aspect of the camera and the ability of not using wifi but using an ethernet connection over power lines.

The applicaiton is in an older home with no CAT5/6 cables and metal studing -

Any other suggestions from the community would be a great help.

Thanks, M

I have a vera3 and the Logitech Alert E cameras. I am looking at connceting them over the holidays. I will report ho successful or not I am at it…

Thank Jason

Any luck connecting the two, mcsincnj?