Login and performance excruciatingly slow for small network (UI5)

I too am having great difficulty with UI5. When I log in remotely, I get often “loading data” for 30 minutes or more…using either cpui5.mios.com or cp.mios.com sometimes it eventually loads my dashboard, sometimes it times out. Additionally, even after healing over night, it still is incredibly slow compared to UI5.

Also, what happened to the daytime/nighttime display??

Any help would be appreciated. I am ready to go back to UI4…

Happy New Year, everyone.

How is the performance via local access? Is it only remote access that acts slow?

  • Garrett

Local Access is super slow, remote access is almost impossible! Very sad… I am probably going to go back to UI4. I am not sure if a Vera 3 running UI5 is better than my Vera 2 with UI5, but at this point, I am not sure I should spend any more time/money on something that has such poor documentation and frustrates me so much.

Any ideas on speeding up Vera 2 with UI5 ?

What version fo UI5 are you on? Do you have any plugins installed? What devices are installed as well. The more information you can provide us, the better we can troubleshoot your problem. I have been running UI5 on my vera 2 for months and months with out any slowness to the web interface. Sounds like something is slowing down your unit.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the help!! I have about 10 total devices or so…here’s the details:

I am running 1.5.255
Version 3.20 L:1
Last update N/A
Last Z-Wave network backup N/A
By default MiOS should automatically configure devices
Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78 IMPORTANT: Read this first
Use MiOS routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)
Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requries MiOS routing)
Poll nodes learn more
Number of seconds to wait to start polling
Only poll a node if the Z-Wave network is idle at least seconds.
Poll a node every seconds.

Plugins: Google weather, Smart phone, Panasonic IP Camera, ERGY lite plugin…

1 motion detector, two appliance modules, 6 light switches, two screw-in type lamp bases (forget the manufacturer, model #HAO5)…

all worked great in UI4, all work now, but EVERYTHING IS SLOW.

Any possible way to remove the plugins one by one and see if this corrects the slowness. I would try and do process of elimination, start with the ergy plugin.

  • Garrett

Thanks, I’ll try that. I doubt it’s the energy plugin, because it calls to another URL for data,… didn’t have a problem with it before, but I’ll take them out one at a time and report back. Thanks for the idea!


Great advice Garrett, to check on the plugins!.. We are now running much better on my Vera2, UI5. Indeed the ERGY Plugin, that is built in, but not activated was the culprit. Perhaps on Vera3, it would work better, but as soon as I uninstalled the ERGY plugin for energy monitoring, the system behaved more as expected and though not fast, is certainly more tolerable. To double check on the ERGY plugin being the culprit, I reinstalled it and the whole system crawled once again at a painfully slow pace. Once I uninstalled the ERGY plugin once more, then the system again became more responsive.

Does anyone have any feedback on the following:

  1. Is it possible to show a day/night background like in UI4 ? (I was partial to this!)
  2. Is there anyway to display standard, vs. Military time? I understand why military time for technical reasons, but for those of us who rely on our wives and family members who do not have a clue what time 17:30 is, to help monitor things with Vera, this is kind of a bummer. Everyone understands AM and PM.
  3. Can anyone running Vera 3, tell me if the ERGY plugins work fine without the systemwide slowdown that I experienced?

Happy New Years.


I can confirm uninstalling the ergy-plugin brings back some speed, but my vera2 is still much slower compared to the previous firmware release.

I have pretty much the same problems. I added a swap-partition, since then I am always able to access my UI5 and I don’t see the “Data Loading…” for more then 10 seconds any more. http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,8883.0.html

About the time: Teach your family the 24 hour clock (or military time as you americans call it), it’s something they should know since it’s a technical standard an most of the countries in the world use it. I am so glad they changed that in UI5 ;D

And thanks for collecting all that information.

The ERGY plugin was doing the same thing to me on my Vera2, and once un-installed, it is responsive again.

As per the post @chixxi started, I put comments about the tests I went through. I confirm the swap help! The energy plugin is a dog and takes a lot of resources and then the double bangers is if you decide to monitor and modules it will get worse and worse.

I couldn’t reproduce this. How many devices do you have?

20 total devices, 15 switches/appliance modules, 1IP Camera, 1 motion detector, 1 thermostat, and 1 door lock, & 1 window sensor.

UI5 on a Vera 2. Firmware is 1.5.255

The problem is reproducible. Soon as I install ERGY plugin, the system crawls to an unbearably slow speed…unusable! As soon as I uninstall the plugin, speed goes back to acceptable speed. Others have noted this behavior too. Thankfully, I was able to resolve by just uninstalling and leaving off the ERGY plugin.

My bigger issues are the following:

  1. Archiving does not work per the settings… I only get about one day of archiving, but then image archiving stops… Currently I have it set to record an image 1 every 60 minutes, but I can only see the most recent day’s images.

  2. My camera is set to turn on certain lights when viewing the camera, but this is broken when viewing from a web browser, the selected lights do NOT turn on as they once did in UI5. When however I view the camera via my iPhone and the iVera application, the lights DO turn on!! I have tried to view the camera using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Opera and in all cases on a web browser via a computer, the lights do NOT turn on, in UI5, but they do turn on when viewing via iVera!

  3. I have submitted two Support tickets about my issues, but have not been contacted (except the auto reply) about the issue. (This more than the technical problems is more likely to turn customers like me away from future investment in MCV).

Just wanted to chime in and say that UI5 is still beta. So there will be bugs. Hopefully MCV can work out the issues. If performance and stability is a concern, UI4 might be the better option until the issues can be worked out. If you want to stick with UI5, you will need to be patient until MCV can work out the kinks.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the perspective. I very much like the idea and promise of Vera, especially the do it yourself possibilities at a reasonable cost. After years of cursing at computers when I worked for Dell and then for an AI company, I found Apple products… now I have grown accustomed to things that generally are well built, are very intuitive to use, have good online documentation (with little need for any documentation), and terrific customer support… I guess my expectations for documentation, ease of use, and customer support are perhaps elevated beyond the resources of a small company. With the chaotic fashion in which documentation is put together for Vera, I honestly didn’t even know that UI5 was still in Beta. If you go to: MiOS, where does it warn you that you are about to install Beta software?? If I purchased a Vera3, with UI5, would that still be considered Beta?? The issues I have appear to be software issues in nature, not hardware issues… but if the issues I have escalated to Tech Support were solved by upgrading to Vera3, I’d buy a new Vera 3 and replace my Vera 2 in a heartbeat. I was told when I called MCV about this, that for my small number of devices (20), that there wouldn’t be a big speed increase or feature reason to upgrade the hardware.

Once again, I LOVE the promise of Vera, but the time investment has been huge with mixed results thus far. I now run a large real estate management company and own a substantial portfolio in apartment buildings, with aspirations to install more Z-Wave devices beyond my current home install…I would pay more for Vera than it’s current retail price, if documentation, setup, and functionality was more stable. As it is now, I couldn’t in any way consider an investment in my other properties, given the extra-ordinary time involved to get things up, running, and stable, for my use… I don’t have the time myself, so it would require hiring a skilled techie for a significant amount of time/cost.

That is the problem, MCV did not post any info that UI5 is beta and they should have. Many of us have said to MCV that they need to do this. UI5 was not even announced by MCV on the forum or on their site. They made a post on facebook, which is a terrible way to notify users. The announcement of UI5 on this forum was spread by other users. We also told them that putting UI5 (mind you still in beta) on the Vera 3 and shipping them out was a bad idea. If you do buy a vera 3, you will be stuck with UI5 and have to deal with the bugs until they get addressed, but if you are using vera 2 and want stability, UI4 is the way to go.

  • Garrett

Thanks again for the perspective… I do have great empathy for MCV folks, all really good people, I do believe!.. I do think perhaps they could benefit from some structure and planning with respect to product releases, user experience, documentation, and marketing. With just a bit more investment in these areas, I think it would pay big dividends to their ROI, growth, and customer satisfaction…(which equates to more word of mouth, referral business…which is HUGELY important for these types of technology products!)

I am going to go back to UI4, I guess. MCV has not returned my calls or tech support tickets, so without some kind of response from MCV, I don’t have any opportunity to ask basic questions about timeline for fixes, things to try as workarounds, etc…and alas am not too hopeful it is worth hanging on with UI5 any longer…

Peace, Love, and Techharmony!

Just to acknowledge: Ergy Plugin on VERA2 with UI5 seems to cause issues.
When installed the original ERGY plugin (that which was available on Jan 16) VERA2 host becomes non responsive and requires multiple reboots during 24 hour period
While installed i was unable to login via the MIOS portal or directly from LAN.

Removing the ERGY plugin seems to fix the problem.

I recently installed the latest ERGY plugin (Jan 27) and had the same issue: VERA2/UI5 became non-responsive.
I will remove the ERGY plugin later today and see if the VERA2/UI5 host returns to normal behavior.


I had exactly the same issue with the ERGY plugin on UI5/Vera 2. The unit becomes unresponsive and you cannot connect to it unless you login in quickly after a reboot.

How do I remove te ERGY plugin? I never installed/activated it, so I don’t know what to remove.

When I go to Energy → EGRY Setting, it says “The ERGY plugin is not activated.” with a button to activate it.