Logic Summary - Handler error:

When I try to run a Logic Summary on a Reactor Sensor I get the error:

Handler error: [string "--[[..."]:5947: attempt to compare number with string

If I try to obtain a debug log, when I click the ‘Restart Sensor’ link I get the following error:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


This ‘Restart Sensor’ happens with all my sensors, whereas the Handler Error only happens with one.

(May be unrelated but recently started getting Vera message:

warning device:294 has duplicate state id 4 for variables: showactivities , _UIV

Device 294 is my main Reactor control device)

Reactor ver 3.6
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What version of Reactor are you running? It shows in the Backup/Restore tab of the master device, or the Tools tab of any ReactorSensor.

Version 3.6

Are you using a variable refence in a delay in that ReactorSensor?

That’s actually not an error, it’s a success message. Unfortunately I can’t make it look any better, it’s a Vera-generated output. But the restart is happening based on the response contents.

Try reloading Luup to see if that silences the messages.

Yes, in fact there are two delays, both using variables.

I have tried multiple Luup reloads and hard browser resets to clear the message.

OK. Install the latest hotfix update. That should address the Logic Summary issue.

Ignore the state ID warning.

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Thanks Patrick, I now have a Logic Summary


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Good news. Version 3.7 will have a tool that can be used to resolve the state ID warnings for any device. It pops up once in a while in a number of different contexts, and since there’s no telling if any attention will be put to its causes in the firmware, it’s worth having a way to repair it (ALTUI has such a tool, but not everyone uses ALTUI, so there will shortly be two).


I wasn’t aware of the tool in ALTUI. However, I have found and run it and my error message has gone!

Thanks again.

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