Lock Switch Off

I am trying to do a simple Motion Triggered light like in the PLEG Basics manual, but with one difference. I would like to be able to lock the light off so that the sensor does not turn back on the lights for a period of time. How do i accomplish that?

Use the MultiSwitch plugin. Set up one of the virtual switches as an override for the lights – in the PLEG condition, check the state of the virtual switch, so the condition will be false if the virtual switch is on. Also set up a schedule (timer) that starts when the virtual switch is turned on, and on completion turns the switch off.

Hi. Thanks for the advice. I actually have done that for another room. The issue with this one is that my wife is the one who wants to turn it off at times, but from the wall switch. I know that you can do a toggle on the wall switch to keep it on, with the example so I was trying to see if the reverse could be done.

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