Lock event unclear

So I have to admit I’m a bit freaked out because I got a call from the alarm company today at 8:30am that there was an alert on the front door. I get home tonight and check and I see these entries in “My Alerts”. I also SSH’d into the device to grab the full log, but it reset the log when I rebooted it today :frowning:

My wife came home at 8:39:07 and found the door locked and unlocked it – so I see the unlock icon. Why do I see a lock icon only for 8:27am? If I lock the lock with a key press or manually, it doesn’t log it. Looking at the log file I don’t see any other lock events – it doesn’t make sense that the door was unlocked many times without ever being locked.

I’m not sure what went on at my house this morning, but I think I need a security camera now too.