Locator.php not working (mysql error)

Guys, hope i’m posting this in the right place…
But since less than an hour, when opening http://findvera.com/locator.php it shows this:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /var/www/vhosts/controlmyhouse.net/www/locator.php on line 19

Seems to be an issue on the findvera.com hosting side…
Can this be fixed? Thanks in advance,

Ralph Reijs Nachum

Apparently, now all of findvera.com is unreachable…
There’s no mysql error, nor a 404 error.

Apparently due to unannounced “scheduled” maintenance.



We had to make some changes only to the findvera.com portal, which is independent of ra1 and ra2 servers to which you’re being redirected after you enter your username and password on findvera.com.

Like CJ explained in the official announcement:

Users with Vera serial under 10000, access https://ra1.findvera.com
Users with Vera serial above 10000, access https://ra2.findvera.com

This is temporary and it won’t take long.