Locating Vera 3 on a nerwork

Recently I have developed a plugin for emby which simply dims lights when certain media types start to play on different devices through people’s homes.

It has been quite a success so far, a lot of very happy users!

However, most of the user base is using the Vera lite. The other day someone with a Vera 3 mentioned that the device was not being located on their network.

Currently I am using the HTTP request ending in “locator/locator/locator” to attain the IP address of the Vera devices on the users sub net.

Is there a different http which would respond the IP address for a Vera 3 Device?

Thank you again for your wonderful product.


No … but maybe they are on UI5 … The location services you are using are for UI6+

For UI5 http://sta1.mios.com/locator_json.php or fully qualified against a user.

And as identified for UI7 https://vera-us-oem-authd.mios.com/locator/locator/locator

Right! Thank you. It looks as though the user set up a VPN which was masking the IP during the search. I fixed it.

Thank you again.

Given the nature of your plug-in, and your username, I sincerely hope you called your plug-in “Isaac Hayes”.