Lite-to-Edge migration borked my Z-wave network

My new Vera Edge replaced a Lite which was becoming unstable. I followed the official instructions to migrate. The Edge said the copy completed without error but the Lite said something about scene transfer failing. Nevertheless the Edge seemed correctly configured - even the annoying ghost devices came over.

But there are now many glitches. Scenes complete only partially or not at all. Some devices go off line and back online like yo-yos. Every time I am logged into UI7 the Edge repeatedly performs a Luup reload seemingly for no reason.

I am suspecting the migration borked the configuration.

I am considering wiping and re-pairing all devices but one of them is virtually impossible to get to. Is it possible to backup that device only and restore it after resetting the Edge?

Appreciate some quick help. Divorce imminent :cry:


I have similar experience with an upgrade from Lite to Edge.

See the conversation below I had with MIOS support
My conclusion is that upgrading from an order version of the ZWAVE chip is not advisable.
Sooner or later you have to include all your devices one by one

Subject: constant reboot of vera edge
OCT 05, 2016 | 05:57AM PDT
Brian replied:

Hello Sjoerd,

The Z-Wave chip software of your Vera Edge controller is already updated to the latest version.

However, as your configuration was initially built on a different Vera unit that was designed on a different platform and was using a different Z-Wave chip (300 series), the new unit will try to use the old z-wave mesh algorithms. This is causing the unit to generate errors and when this is happening the unit will not be stable and the engine will crash.

If on paper this seems very easy, and it is, with smaller setups. With setups that contain large number of devices, such as yours, there are chances that mesh will deteriorate. Besides that, due to the transferred setup, you are also not fully benefiting from the new technology and hardware features that VeraEdge has, if you?re not going to have a clean Edge setup. Mostly because VeraEdge will try to emulate the ?old? routing methods, while it has a new z-wave chip, with totally different routing mechanics.

I know that re-adding all your Z-Wave devices can be a time consuming job, but it will be the best course of action at this stage.

You can also try to reset the Z-Wave network and restore a backup from a time when the unit was stable, but this will only temporarily fix the issue. At some point, you will experience again the same issue.

Thank you.


OCT 05, 2016 | 12:15AM PDT
sjoerd replied:
Hi Brian,

This morning just before I left from home I restored a backup from 23 sept.
I took this back because this was a date where the system was still stable.
Before the weekend I restored it without the Zwave config.
Based on your feedback pointing to the Zwave chip I also restored the Zwave config now.

Only thing I changed in between was the wake up time of the ST815 device.
How can we make the system working correct again.

As asked before: anyway to get the Zwave version updated so the Zwave config keeps stable even after any change in the zwave config, without adding each device again?


OCT 04, 2016 | 10:22AM PDT
Sjoerd replied:

Hi Brian,

I indeed I migrated from a Vera Light almost a year ago.
During migration I also had issues, but after that working fine (#109698-35104677)

Re-Pairing all my z-wave devices (~30) is almost no options as many of them are difficult to access
eg Fibaro build in, not connected to a switch, so should be build out and then the inclusion to be started).
I also assume I need to reconfigure all scenes and code as the Id’s will be different, right?
So for me this is not an option.

Any other suggestions?

thanks in advance.

Op 4-10-2016 om 17:28 schreef Vera Control, Ltd. Support:

SUBJECT: constant reboot of vera edge

OCT 04, 2016 | 08:28AM PDT
BRIAN replied:

Hello Sjoerd,

I have checked your unit and in the logs I can see errors from the Z-Wave chip that are causing the engine to crash constantly :

03 10/04/16 17:17:20.516 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::Reload: rwee reset
Critical 0 m_bCriticalOnly 0 dirty data 1 <0?770d6520>

I have tried to write again the firmware for the Z-Wave chip and it didn?t helped.
I?ve noticed that the node of your unit is 2a instead of 1 (in the Z-Wave settings). Have you done a transfer from
another unit to Vera Edge? Or have you tried to add a secondary controller to the Vera unit?
If you?ve done a transfer in the past from an old unit (like Vera 2/3/Lite), you might encounter issues as the old units were using a different Z-Wave chip and the mesh routing mechanisms are totally different. In this case, the best course of action it will be to do a reset to the Z-Wave network and then re-include the Z-Wave devices.

Let me know.
Thank you.

Brian F ▾ Senior Customer Care Advocate

OCT 03, 2016 | 09:12AM PDT


Vera is currently very instable, luup is restarting almost every minute!
In the log I can find the message below



<0x776a7000>01 10/03/16 15:07:31.545 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop1 0xade188 1 0
<0x776a7000>01 10/03/16 15:07:32.545 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop2 0xade188 2 0
<0x776a7000>01 10/03/16 15:07:32.546 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop3 0xade188 2 0
<0x776a7000>01 10/03/16 15:07:32.546 Mongoose XXX-mg_stop4 0xade188 8713664 0
<0x776a7000>03 10/03/16 15:07:32.779 LuaUPNP: ending <0x776a7000>
2016-10-03 15:07:32 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 0

Yeah, I came to the same conclusion. In my case though even a full rebuild didn’t help because the Edge turned out to be faulty. I got it replaced with a Plus.